Simply the Best Choice for Dry-Cleaning in Shanghai, SPAwash

SPAwash is a well-known and very well liked cleaning company in Shanghai.

It’s really the only smart choice, because it’s the only dry-cleaning / laundry company that we’ve ever heard of that prides itself in both the personalised service and technical knowledge of cleaning.

Here are some answers to the questions that you might have about SPAwash.

I was told that the chemical and oil products that are used for dry-cleaning (a popular method in US and HK) are highly regulated in China. That’s why some reputable dry-cleaners in HK and US cannot open in China where equipment is older, methods are backwards and dry-cleaning solutions are terrible for the fabric and colors. How did you get away from all these regulations and get your cleaning solutions imported from overseas, or are you simply using the local cleaning products?

The more popular chemicals used overseas are not banned in China, however, the chemicals usually carried by the local suppliers are simply not up to standard since most local cleaners simply do not want to invest in these very expensive chemicals and the even more expensive machines. Most local shops compete on cost, not on quality and service. At SPAwash, all our dry-cleaning machines are imported from Germany ( and the chemicals are either from USA or Germany. Importing these chemicals and solvents costs two to three times their original.

What makes you so different from the local dry-cleaners? Can you give me more “quantitative” examples in what you mean by “high quality dry-cleaning”?    

Quality cleaning is a lot more than just cleaning. “Quality” starts from the time we answer your call to the point when you put the finished garment on. It is part of our service philosophy.

The actual dry cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of all garments, followed by the pre-treatment of spots and stains using special cleaning agents by one of our professionally trained specialists using a professional spotting machine. The garments are then separated by color and loaded into the appropriate Bowe dry-clean machine, which produces a unique mechanical action to loosen embedded soil. Throughout the cleaning process, the solvent is filtered and distilled to ensure its clarity and remove moisture. The garments are then pressed by our specially trained pressers on professional pressing equipment to restore its original shape and appearance. Next, the garment is passed on to our quality control inspectors to ensure that the garment has been cleaned to our high standard. Lastly, it is packed neatly in a protective wrapping. To us at SPAwash, we know how it feels to have fresh, smartly pressed clothes in the morning and we do our best to make the dressing-up to work experience a most pleasant one.

Simply put, we do much more than clean your garments; we want to make your daily dressing experience a most pleasant one.

2. Where do you pick-up and drop-off my clothes?
You choose the location: from your office, home, apartment, hotel, wherever you’d prefer.

3. Do you provide a bag for my clothes to be picked-up in?
Yes, we can.

  • How do I get my special SPAwash bag?
    Our driver will leave one for you each time he picks up your clothes. Additional bags are also available, just ask!

  • How do I pay for your door-to-door service?
    You can pay when we deliver the clothes back to you.

  • Do I have to tip the SPAwash delivery gentleman?
    No. Our drivers and runners do not accept gratuities.

  • Do I have to be there when the drop-off or pick-up is made?
    Yes. Please make new arrangements for someone to be at the location, or arrange to leave your clothes with your building management/security/concierge.

  • How do I tell SPAwash about a special request/issue with my garments?
    Simply leave a detailed note in your bag for our SPAwash Service Ambassador regarding your repair, special spots that need attention, press only request or special pressing instructions.

  • What should I do with any repairs that I may have?
    Please leave a detailed note on the item to be repaired with your contact phone number(s) and place the item in your bag for our SPAwash Service Ambassador. We will contact you with the details on costs and time required.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with my order?
    We do hope you will always be 100% satisfied, but if you do have a problem, please immediately contact our Customer Service Ambassador by phone (or Text) at 139-1812-2844.

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