Best Luxury Dim Sum in Shanghai: Four Seasons Pudong, ShangXi

The Michelin Guide in Shanghai has suffered criticism – sorry for the honesty but it’s true – in its first year for a lack of representation for local food, and in its following years for a lack of new picks.

I’m not saying that any restaurant ‘needs’ a Michelin star, though for obvious business reasons they do want one. ShangXi at Four Seasons Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai (full name) deserves at least one, or two.

They’ve had the same Cantonese chef since opening. The food looks pretty, and tastes more or less perfect. You can’t find any fault with any dish. The balance of flavours, delicacy, complexity, texture – it’s as near perfection to the representation of fine Cantonese dining as is humanly possible.

Don’t take the kids to this one – this is for the parents only. Prices are … expensive, but worth it.