Unique Burgers in Shanghai: The ‘Ramen Burger’ and ‘Spaghetti Burger’

The ramen burger came out several years ago, but the trend has been brought to Shanghai by Oh My Burger, which is on Jianguo Xi Rd right by Gao an Rd.

But Oh My Burger is not a gimmick restaurant, it makes some really interesting burgers that are a joy to munch on.

The sichuan style bao was good, with the highlight being the fish burger and it’s creamy sauce.

The spaghetti burger was OK, but to be honest they need to season the spaghetti itself a little more, add a bit more tomato puree (or you can obviously just add ketchup) and parmesan.

They have a range of ‘meal deals’ and specials so it’s absolutely worth a try to see what you think — especially for the ultra-yum fish burger.

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