Shanghai Wild Animal Park

One of the best fun activities for kids in all of Shanghai.

This is not ‘Shanghai Zoo’ which is West of Changning district AKA Hongqiao area.

It’s in Nanhui, which is about 45-60 mins South East of the centre.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is excellent.

How much is it:

¥130 per adult, free for under 1.3m.

In the car park, the ticket office is to the right of the entrance.

Most Chinese attractions have the ticket office separate to the entrance, presumably to give more people jobs and to try and avoid queueing and rushing (pushing).

There is an ICBC ATM at the ticket office.

They take cash, card and even WeChat and AliPay.

Even the mini-attractions inside mostly take WeChat and AliPay.

What is there to do:

Walk around and see animals, obviously!

Most of it is under shade, which is good on Sunny days.

Of course, it gets very busy on holiday times.

We got there at 9am (it opens at 8am), but most of the things to do, i.e. animal feeding / riding, start at 11-11:30am

Best Bits:

My favourites are:

  • They have a ‘Liger’ (lion/tiger cross), which is unique. And huge.
  • There are timed feeding ‘shows’ for the chimps, tigers, elephants, etc.
  • You can pay ¥20 to have a parrot on your shoulder.
  • You can pay ¥20 to feed the elephants.
  • You can pay ¥50 to ride an elephant. Truly amazing.
  • You can pay ¥20 to feed giraffes.
  • You can pay ¥20 to go into the kangaroo park and feed them.
  • There is a free ‘safari’ ride – or pay ¥40 per adult to sit in the ‘caged’ bus which feeds the animals as it goes around.
  • There is a free sea lion show.


The food inside is inedible, so bring food.

Take wipes / hand-cleaner, mosquito spray, sun protection.

The map is more or less in a circle so it’s easy to see everything. If you go on a weekend, you should aim to get there at 9-9:30am so you can avoid the crowds and get to the elephant riding when it starts at 11am.

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