The Best Laundry Service in Shanghai: SPAwash

It’s easy for us to recommend SPAwash because they are a genuine company that really cares about your clothes and garments.

Whether it’s a suit, dress, rug or carpet, they understand that it’s something exceptionally personal, and that handing over your beloved clothes is something that you care about.

So for the best laundry company in Shanghai, contact SPAwash for a personal quote for what you need.

They really do take care and thought with every item. Every single item goes through it’s own process — SPAwash don’t just put them all in the wash, but they use a great number of individual specialists for each item.

Whether it’s a leather jacket, wedding dress, suit, top-brand clothing, shirt, Persian rug or any home item that needs cleaning, it is carefully sent to the expert specialist who really understands how to care for it.

Visit them any time at their office in Shanghai Centre – 319 West Tower, 1376 Nanjing West Rd.


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