The Best Gyms in Shanghai

Gyms and exercise have changed in Shanghai a lot in the last couple of years, and so have the best gyms in Shanghai.

As well as the gym chains, there are very many fitness studios, boutiques and one-person run group sessions, and so on.

Gym Chains in Shanghai

Tera Wellness

A local chain. They have plenty of locations. Some are new and good, others are old and not.

The problem is that the prices are not fixed so you have to do a painful negotiation of price. You shouldn’y pay more than 3000 RMB a year. Two year memberships are normal, though they will push you for three or more(!).

The equipment in most of them is new. Changing room smelliness is unavoidable.


Aims to be slightly high-end can be pricier. Worthwhile if the location works for you, and they do have locations everywhere.

Fitness Studios

Z&B Fitness

Z&B Fitness is popular, with good prices, nice locations and fun classes. Booking is done easily in their website, with your first class for free.

Versus Fitness

versus gym bubble butt

A new and also popular fitness studio, they have a range of class. Booking is in their WeChat, versusfitness and you get the first class for free also.

VI Lab

A brand new boutique, in K11. They run a range of personal training classes and programs and you should look up their WeChat VILab.


As it says – spinning classes. Top equipment and people at good prices. They also now offer mixes of spin plus other exercise packages.


Exercise Deal Apps

These make you pay a set price and you get a fixed number or fixed locations of exercise studio to choose from. Good if you are a regular gym-goer.

Move Shanghai


For kids exercise, see these great sports classes for kids in Shanghai.




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