How to Stay Clean in Shanghai

City life — pretty good, but pretty dirty.

We need to ensure we are providing clean air, water and food for our kids and ourselves.

Here are a few ways to do that.

Farmhouse Juice

Clean your insides with our favourite juice in the city.

You don’t need to do a ‘cleanse’, you can just drink these juices and improve your health.

We usually go for the Green Elixir, Internal Fix, Horchata and Coconut — easily the best Coconut Water you can find here.

And — get 15% off Farmhouse Juice by entering the code familyfun when ordering on their website! Go to now.



Clean water. Vital stuff!

Greenwave can scientifically prove that their water cleaning solutions can work — for showers, taps, faucets, to clean your body and provide water clean enough to drink.

Without a shower filter, you are washing in heavily chlorinated water that’s traveled through a variety of pipes. Buy a Greenwave shower filter and wash in clean water.


A facemask for above AQI 150 air is basic common sense.

idMASKs look good, provide a proper seal and it’s the filters which are replaceable.

idMASK also do good by giving free masks to rural communities — buy masks and find out more on their website above.


Groupmall & Biofarm

Groupmall gets you the best prices with the convenience of WeChat buying — and avoid the supermarket hassle by having it all delivered.

They have a range of Biofarm veggie boxes — all grown on certified organic farmland on Chongming Island.

Just scan the QR to look at the options available at the best prices — they also have excellent prices on grass-fed beef, and more.


Since 2003, SPAwash has been Shanghai’s only Full Service Valet catering to the expat community.

Their services include laundry, dry cleaning, repairs and alterations to your garments, shoe repair, carpet, drapery cleaning and home furnishing care and door to door pickup and delivery.

Find out more on their WeChat at SPAWASH or visit their website above — first time customers get 50% off upon registration on the website.


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