Family friendly restaurants in Shanghai – Pizza

Family friendly restaurants in Shanghai don’t come much friendlier than pizza spots.

We’ve done restaurants with play areas inside, best date nights and so on, now it’s pizza’s time to shine.

They’re guaranteed to please and some of them even have fun for kids, such as Bella Napoli, Pizza Marzano and others.

Pizza Marzano

best kids pizza restaurant shanghai

Locations everywhere that you will have regularly seen when around the city.

They also do great pizza parties for kids.

This is a real favourite among many — but can Homeslice remain so? They need to keep up standards, but also not suffer from being closed down by the authrorities for no reason, which happens more and more to restaurants in Shanghai.

Address: B1/F, 158 Julu Lu


Joe’s Pizza is New York style — cheesy and huge.

Address: 280 Wujiang Lu, near Maoming Bei Lu

Bar Centrale

best kids pizza restaurant shanghai

Very authentic, great for date night in Shanghai, with really good beer and wines at nice prices.

Address: 185 Yanping Lu, 1/F, near Wuding Lu


Another date night option as it’s on the Bund.

Address: 6F, Three on the Bund, No. 3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road

Bella Napoli

Perfect for families, they offer little kids pizza making and crayons/paper to give them something to do. Totally authentic pizzas.

73 Nanhui Road (Tel:)21 5289 0806
Lane 946 #4, Changle Road (Tel: 021 6248 8985)


date night

Started by Enzo Carbone years ago, it’s a great date night spot for Italian classics, including pizza that’s very authentic and at a great price considering Bund location.

Address: 5/F, 99 East Beijing Road


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