Xihu State Guest House Hotel, Hangzhou

This is hotel a really unique one. It’s not a chain brand. Instead, the hotel’s history stems from being a military / government accommodation. They like to boast that Chairman Mao himself stayed here at least 10 times.

Distance from Shanghai: Right on the West Lake, so around three hours depending on Hangzhou traffic.

Room rate: ¥1,900 upwards

Best for: Unique Hangzhou experience, views, green grounds

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The Location: Set in huge grounds right on Hangzhou’s West Lake, it has the perfect location for Hangzhou tourism. You can reach all of the areas, get up to the hills easily and see all of the lake without being crowded out by other tourists.

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The Hotel: The food at the Chinese restaurant is very good Hangzhou cuisine (forget the buffet restaurant), and while they don’t have specific play areas for kids, the whole grounds are very nice for walking around — just be careful of the hotel’s buggies transporting around guests.

family travel hangzhou

The Rooms: The rooms are very nice and high-quality – just make sure you splash out for that lake view! The price is much higher for lake view rooms, but this is a special treat at a unique hotel right in the best location of Hangzhou.

You don’t have to have perfect balance to enjoy this hotel – but it helps

Overall: The best way to see Hangzhou. You can get everywhere you want, while you view the lake away from the massive crowds.


Xihu State Guest Hotel Hangzhou

Tel: 20-8600-9099