Family Travel near Shanghai: Hyatt Regency Chongming

A quiet, natural space just one hour drive from Shanghai city centre.

Distance from Shanghai: Still part of Shanghai, it’s a one hour drive from the centre.

Room rate: From ¥700

Best for: Close to the city, nature and parks, dog-friendly

Hotel’s pic:

dog friendly hotel shanghai

My pics:

The Location: Hyatt Regency Chongming is around one hour’s drive from the centre, less if you’re in Jinqiao. The way that we do it is to take the inner ring road to Longdong Ave., which hits the S20, then you soon reach the exit for the G1501 and G40 — just follow the G40 and all signs say Chongming Island.

When you’re on the island, the big brown sign says ‘Dongtan Wetland Park‘ and you head towards that.

The entire area is flat farmland — so while it’s not as picturesque as Anji or Zhejiang, there are no factories or busy roads on Chongming Island.

The Hotel: The hotel is dog-friendly, with special pet friendly hotel rooms. There is an indoor swimming pool, outdoor playground and even outdoor football pitch and basketball court.

It’s very close to Dongtan Wetland and not far from Dongping Forest Park.

The hotel’s Chinese restaurant is excellent. There’s a wide choice and even local Chongming style food for a bit of culture.

The Rooms: Regarding the rooms, you need to look at all categories and go for the slightly more expensive / larger option.

The hotel has special kids rooms, which are good for ages 8-14 or so.

But the standard hotel rooms are not only small, but have absolutely no view, which can feel claustrophobic.

The larger rooms and those which specify a view are far, far better and worth paying extra for.

chongming food at family hotel

Overall: I wouldn’t say that this is a ‘must visit’, but as it’s so close to Shangha – 45 mins on a good day – it is still a very good choice, especially if you have a dog and want a dog-friendly hotel in Shanghai.

Dongtan Wetland Park is a 5-10 minute drive from the hotel, which is a great day trip in itself — these photos were taken in February when the cygnets were born.

family park shanghai

Don’t visit the hotel or Chongming attractions during public holidays such as National holiday, labour day, Qingming festival etc., or it will be packed everywhere.


Hyatt Regency Chongming

Tel: 6703-1234

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