Free Family Fun Cooking Webinar


Have you been binging on biscuits during quarantine? Have you neglected to exercise and gone against every nutritional recommendation whilst binge watching on Netflix?


Everyone is now attempting a webinar but is it truly interactive? Do you really gain something from the thirty minutes of time that you invested? 

Well this webinar will set the webinar bar high. With Michelin instructors conveying their culinary expertise. If you are looking to spruce up your act when you are cooking for your family, this is the webinar for you consisting of an interactive session which links theory with practical hands-on cooking.

The webinar will guide participants to grasp the deep concepts of fine dining combined with nutritional advice. We will be cooking Rainbow Chicken & Veggies and also a vegan version Firm Tofu & VeggiesParticipants will experience how this healthy dish compliments their new found healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients Below

The recipes we expect you to cook

Rainbow Chicken & Veggies


Firm Tofu & Veggies

Such a balanced diet will give your body the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to function correctly. When we are not getting the proper nutrients, our bodies cannot function properly. Jay D’Engle will be on hand to explain the importance of getting the right balance in our diets, especially for your growing family.

A lottery with 4000¥ of gifts!

Our sponsors have been generous. Every participant will stand a chance to win the following gifts: a one night hotel stay, 3 fitness training sessions, protective face masks, an organic superfood gift pack, a voucher for an online traiteur shop and a voucher for a restaurant. A lucky draw will be done after the webinar. Check at the end of the article to discover the gifts from our sponsors.

Event Details

Saturday, April 11th

From 10 am to 11 am

Online Webinar, using Zoom app

Zoom ID meeting revealed after registration

Cooking material & Ingredients

Check the recipes at the beginning of this article

Registration, FREE of charge

The Organisers

CieCAS is for food lovers. It will give you the professional instruction to heighten your appreciation of food. Offering dual education focusing on food and beverage professional development, CieCAS classes are suitable for professionals and for food and beverage lovers (semi-professionals). Learn and apply it immediately into your life is what CieCAS represents. The professional classes are for cooks to become a chef and restaurant service personnel to become a maître d’hotel. The lifestyle classes include professional training for homemakers, teenagers and families, as well as preparing students to live healthy overseas. CieCAS also gives fun food training for companies to build stronger teams, and hold events.

SBODYFIT specializes in online fitness and wellness programs for clients anywhere in the world. Our coaches have a lifetime of experience and will be sharing knowledge to help you transform every part of your life. We believe in the complete circle of wellness which is combining healthy nutrition, the right training and mindfulness techniques to stay confident, healthy and happy.

The Instructors

Chef Francois Giussani

He is a Swiss Certified Chef and a graduate from EHL with more than 30 years’ experience in Culinary management. He worked in several countries in China, the Middle East, Peru, Mexico, Malaysia, Switzerland, and is fluent in 5 languages. He worked for many prestigious brands such as Four Seasons, Swissotel, and Sheraton, and also worked for 10 years within healthcare catering services in different continents.

Jay d’Engle 

Jay d’Engle is the Co founder of SBODYFIT and also a multiple national sailing champion & China cup winner. He is a personal trainer, nutritionist, wellness coach and fitness model and he combines lifetime of experience as a professional athlete and coach. He will teach you everything he has learnt over the years to shortcut your successful journey into a healthier life.

Chef Evo Ni 倪源

He is a Culinary Expert and trained through dual education. His expertise is in Western and Southeast Asia culinary skills as he worked with many international Chefs originating from Germany, Austria, US, Italy, Singapore, and Thailand. Chef Evo Ni has also extensive operational experience. From running a kitchen to menu creation, food hygiene, and quality control.

The sponsors of our lottery

Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel is located in the heart of Pudong directly across from SNIEC and short walk from Century Park. The hotel has 414 luxurious rooms and a couple of dining options: Michelin star Shang-High Cuisine serves local cuisine and All-Day Dining Arte Café & Lounge located in the unique 16-meter high hotel lobby.

They offer 1 Night Weekend Stay in Deluxe Room with Breakfast for 2 adults (value of 900¥, expiry date on 30th September 2020).


Founded in 2010, Greenwave operates in Shanghai and Beijing and serves clients in 26 cities in China. Focusing on filtration solutions, we provide free indoor consultation, environmental testing, customization and moving as well as other personalized services to meet each client’s need. They celebrate their 10 years with exclusive deals, check it here.

They offer 200 surgical masks (value of 700¥) to be shared within all the webinar attendees.