The Best Chinese Restaurant in Shanghai: Xindalu

A lofty claim indeed – perhaps the loftiest. Calling Xindalu ‘best Chinese’ does not diminish the quality of other places which are the best in their own category – for example ‘best luxury dim sum‘ etc. etc.

For for all-round, please-all, optimal-balance, good value, friendly and professional service, best duck – and best prawn dish I’ve had – Xindalu in Hyatt on the Bund wins.

I’ve eaten there perhaps 25-30 times in the last few years.

Order: pork ribs, lotus root, gong bao prawns, a whole duck (one duck per 3 people), green vegetables, lamb if in stock (or Wagyu beef if not), fried dumplings. If you go in October-December, definitely order a crab dish such as crab and tofu or crab and fish.

Side note: Hyatt on the Bund easily has the best executive lounge in Shanghai. On the 3rd floor, they offer a very decent spread of food that, to be honest, could be a dinner itself. The drinks options are also great and it has a Lujiazui skyline view. The food choices are better than the other 5 star hotels in Shanghai and the breakfast too.

This is the end of the review as there’s nothing else for you to do but go and eat there – photos: