Best Korean Spa Bathhouses in Shanghai for ladies and families

A great way to spend time for a mother and daughter, or group of mummy friends, or anyone who likes steaming and feeling special.


Ooedoonsen is based on the ‘Edo’ period of Japan, offering up a glimpse of the local customs during that time. There are 8 types of hot springs, the most notable of which is the Ebisu pool, which has a Japanese Zen style surrounded by bamboo and leaves.

Also there are many other ways to entertain youself inside, such as Kumamon, claw machines, KTV, and more.

Address: No.4066-4068, Changzhong Lu
Tel: 021 3223 1666
Average: RMB 215


A super solid hot spring option in Shanghai is the popular Gokurakuyu. Red wine pool, carbonic acid pool, massage pool… countless pools to choose from. Every pool is separate in Gokurakuyu.

It’s traditional Japanese style inside with lanterns and paper umbrellas make it more like a Japanese hot spring hotel.

The resting area is large, there are many comic books to read, it’s a good place to relax. There’s also Japanese cuisine available here such as Sashimi, noodles, barbecue and Saka.

Address: Many branches
Average: RMB 210

New Star SPA 24

In the hall they provide Korean steam, massage, and many other relaxing options. There’s floor heating everywhere, along with rocking chairs and swings to lazily have a rest on.

A rich selection of Korean meals, a cup of sweet rice juice after sauna, plus two hot spring eggs, your whole body will thank you for a day spent here.

Address: Many branches
Average: RMB 170

Tang Lian De

The area is spacious, the facilities are new, and the whole environment is clean, especially the toilet. Bathing articles are all from Japan.

The waiters here are mainly Korean, and offer top-notch service. There’s even a performance you can catch during dinner.

You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as single person pools.The cuisine is mainly Korean, delicious and affordable to boot.

Address: Many branches
Average: RMB 190

Tang Li Lai

Tang Li Lai is a fusion of Japanese and Korean styles. The pools are natural looking, surrounded by rocks which makes you feel like you’re in a hot spring somewhere up in the mountains.

Electric pools are characteristic there.

Address: No.657, Luoshan Lu
Tel: 021 5957 6688
Average: RMB 150

Yi Sheng Tang SPA Massage

Medicinal baths are popular in Japan, where they utilize the 15+ types of volcanic rocks that come from that region.

Enter into a mineral-rich fog when you step inside the room. Waiters will put some small stone bags wrapping natural hot spring volcanic rocks on your key acupoints.

Address: 4FL, Gubeiwan Hotel, No.1446, Hongqiao Lu
Tel: 021 6241 2228
Average: RMB 300

Yun Cai Tang

There’s small children’s playground, pedicure facility, dry sauna, cafeteria, gyms, table tennis, and whole body massages available at Yun Cai Tang.

The dining room is Japanese style, but has a buffet that includes some popular Chinese dishes and desserts.

Address: No.1501, Meijiabang Lu
Tel: 021 5775 8899
Average: RMB 115

Yi De Wen Quan

It provides steam, sauna, and carbonated spring water, also 3D cinema, parent-child area. Fish, shrimp, and salt and pepper ribs are their specialties in you’re sticking around for a meal.

Address: No.258, Yongxing Lu
Tel: 021 5106 8888
Average: RMB 180