Best Roast Chicken (& Duck) in Shanghai

So, somewhat controversial from the outside, I didn’t include a pic of Dodu in here. This is because I had Dodu three times – the first two were decent but with the third delivery I had from them, the chicken was either not properly roasted or rested, and the meat was kind of ‘bouncy’, and I haven’t ordered from them again. Sorry but I can only say what happened.

The Best: Home Roast from City Super

Anything you make yourself is best. The whole chicken from City Super is ¥130. If you don’t have an oven at home, you must, must buy one. A good Midea brand oven is around ¥1,000 and will change your life for the better.

Chicken & Egg

Their roast chicken was solidly decent, if a little un-inspiring. The lunch sets at around ¥80 are good value if you’re in the area of Fumin Rd by Changle Rd.

Xixi Bistro

This was a big portion but was a little dry. The Xintiandi Xixi Bistro is still a great option for Date Night.

Chicken Burger at Fat Cow

A thing of delight and wonder. A must-eat at either of their venues.

Chicken Burger at Beef & Liberty

Beef & Liberty is our favourite burger place. Their beef is the highlight but their chicken burger is also irresistible.

SE Asian Style Chicken at Manyea

In LG1 of Jing An Kerry Centre, near the Godiva shop. A truly clean, pure and natural chicken experience. They also have lots of other good choices like their Boat Noodle. You can also go shopping for kids English books in Shanghai at the same trip.

The Best Roast Duck in shanghai at Xindalu, Hyatt On The Bund

There is no roast duck that can compare to Xindalu’s peach-wood roasted duck.

The Best Roast Goose at Summer Palace, Jing An Shangri-La

All of their dim sum is outstanding. The price is a little high, yet very reasonable for the food quality, location, service and experience.


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