The Peninsula Shanghai x Lululemon Mega Yoga, Oct 14!

This is like the ultimate in fitness splendour. Yes, splendour, we said it. We go all up-market when we talk about The Peninsula.

The splendiferousness is thanks to Lululemon, that beloved yoga lovely, coming together with The bedazzling Peninsula hotel for MEGA YOGA.

It’s not yoga, it’s MEGA YOGA.

This means you get to do yoga in the most wonderfully hoity-toity setting in Asia = the ultra-beautiful lawn of No.1 Waitanyuan.

And, you do good. Some of the proceeds from the Mega Yoga programme will be donated to Raleigh China, a non-profit organization dedicated to youth and sustainable development in China.

Since 2008, Raleigh has inspired thousands of young volunteers to make a difference through challenging yet rewarding community, environmental and adventure projects across the nation ranging from the construction of primary schools in Guizhou to the creation of watching cottages to fight against poachers in Jiangxi.

What’s Mega Yoga?

Mega Yoga is two 60-minute yoga sessions from world-class international instructors.

After receiving a complimentary yoga outfit by platinum sponsor lululemon, session one focuses on an innovative and energetic form of traditional yoga created by the mastermind behind Nino Mendes.

Session two is led by traditional yoga advocate and experienced professor Bharath Basavaraju introduced by Indian Consulate, who guides participants in the principals of Indian Hatha yoga that includes posturing, meditation, breathing exercises and more.

It is all followed by a healthy green lunch at No.1 Waitanyuan curated by The Peninsula culinary team.

To take part, sign up through Mega Yoga.

Mega Yoga is priced at RMB 480 per person, including two one-hour yoga sessions, one lululemon sportswear outfit, complimentary juices, one healthy lunch at No.1 Waitanyuan and entry into the lucky draw.

For more information, you can contact 2327 6606.

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