The Best Family Hotel for Seeing Guilin

The best choice, by far, for a family trip to see the famous Chinese tourist spot of Guilin is undoubtedly the Guilin Shangri-La.

It’s the most family-friendly because:

  • There is an outside playground
  • There’s a few animals to see outside – swans, ducks, chickens, pigs, rabbits and an ostrich
  • There’s an inside playground including a big trampolining area
  • There are kids’ menus and amenities everywhere
  • The service is really, really good. The staff are genuinely nice, friendly and kind throughout the hotel
  • The location is very convenient for the airport and the sights
  • The food is excellent. The bread is absolutely fresh and as it should be, the sushi is authentic, all the Chinese food is top.
  • They have lots of activities like cooking class and games
  • Tip: Book the airport car for 450 RMB each way. Have a friendly man collect you with a nice car with drinks and fruit.


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