Pet Friendly: Dog Kennels, Dog Cleaning, Cat-Friendly Restaurants and Hotels in Shanghai

People love their pets, so they understandably want to know the dog friendly restaurants in Shanghai, the best dog kennels, best dog cleaning spas and so on.


Address: 36 Hebao Road
Hours: 11:00am-9:00pm
Tel: 021-61520070
Average Price: RMB 228 (depending on what you select)

Rock & Bones features the most luxurious pet lifestyle— a Bubble Bath SPA. They have exclusive SPA machine, with a bathtub from Italy, and all bath products from America.


Address: 320 Jiyun Road, No.7 buidling Hexin Commercial Plaza
Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
Tel: 021-62118065
Average Price: RMB 100 (depending on what you select)

This large venue has four stories. B1 floor facilitates a swimming pool, pet products center, and hairdressing room where your dogs can get a totally new look. On the first floor, they prepare delectable dishes for both you and your pets. The most popular food is be the “Cheese Pumpkin Beef!” And don’t forget to check out the second and third floor to give yourself a new look as well. They can also help adopt your pet there.

Don’t go on a guilt trip when you take your well-deserved holiday. Make four-legged baby feel like a prince or princess when staying in one of these luxury hotels!


Address: 1278 Wanhangdu Road (near North Jiangsu Read)
Hours: All Day
Tel: 15221907303
Average Price: RMB 160 (depending on what you select)

At WOOF TOP, they charge by room according to the size. And all food and play items are included in the charge. Services include day care, grooming, delivery, training, and much more. Make sure to call ahead before you take your pets here!


Address: 999 Yuanhe Road
Hours: Daily, 9:00am-5:00pm
Tel: 13122871186; 13122872223
Price: Depends on what you select

With the best environment and team in Shanghai, this pet house has a professional dog trainer and they are all super dog lovers. So you can rest assured it’s okay to leave your dogs here for as long as you need if you go on vacation.

You have your group of friends, so why shouldn’t your fur baby?
Kickstart their social life at one of these places!


Address: 2178 Hunan Road, 7/F, Red Star Macalline
Hours: Daily, 10:00am-6:00pm
Tel: 15026656278
Average Price: RMB114 (depends on your selection)

With quality service and professional dog experts and enthusiasts, they have a spacious and well-kept doggy swimming pool which is surely a good place for your furry friends this summer. Interestingly, this venue is more than a dog social hub, as some dog parents said, because so many dogs gather here to have fun with other dog friends. You might also find a good partner for your dog son/daughter.


Address: 168 Taigu Road
Hours: Mon-Fri: 12pm-8pm; Sat-Sun: 10am-10pm
Tel: 17317690163, Wechat ID: 17317690163
Price: RMB 567 (depends on your selection)

The Bark, a typical American pet club, offers a full range of services for Shanghai-based dogs including fun activities, adoption, training, and nursing. It has a large indoor space, outdoor lawn, hair-dressing room, training zone, VIP leisure area, exhibition zone, pet hotel, and also a constant-temperature swimming pool. Sounds great, right? Then don’t hesitate to bring your dog here!

Swimming is for dogs who are between 6 months to 10 years old. If you want to take your pooch for a swim, please bring his/her immunization paper work. And make reservations in advance via WeChat.

Can you imagine a family vacation where everyone can be together? Wonder no more, your loyal best friend can come too! Let the journey begin this summer…


Wechat ID: 玩小伴(gowanxiaoban)
APP: 玩小伴宠物旅行
Average Price: RMB 838 (varies on the type of service you select)
Hours: 10:00am-6:30pm
Tel: 4000032705

Wanxiaoban is the first online platform that offers pet traveling and will periodically launch fancy pet activities. Boating, walking, and even drifting with your baby dogs, go create more and more lovely memories.

Shanghai is a foodie’s heaven, so why shouldn’t your pooch be in on the action?


Hours: Order online at any time. (Kindly Note: Dog cakes can be wrapped and delivered after 3 days, other foods after 2 days.)
Contact: Only Wechat: mishbot3000 or Pawsome2015
Address: Please check out their online shop website:
Price: Depends on what you order

This is a doggy treat online shop. They have worked hard making meats leaner, adding more delicious ingredients to their existing recipes to ensure our furry friend gets all the vital nutrition they need. The hit foods include Delicious Beef Jerky, Friendly Tummy Chicken Jerky, Vegan Love Bone Biscuit, Poochilicious Cake, etc. The shopkeeper is a friendly German who loves dogs and just opened the shop for her own dogs. Currently PAWSOME supports one main non-profit license holder, called ‘Blue Ribbon Volunteer Society’ and they have additionally started a collaboration with various other animal welfare groups.


Address: 24 Wuxing Road, the Iron Gate
Hours: Daily, 10am to 6pm
Tel: 15802141065
Price: Depends on what you order

This venue is a beautiful winter garden with the finest doggy decorations you can imagine. It features its two lovely bulldogs, of which one is white and one is black. They offer freshly brewed coffee courtesy of the friendly shop keeper.


Address: 1685 Jinshajiang Road, 2/F, Paris Printemps
Hours: 10:00am-9:00pm
Tel: 13361839683
Average Price: RMB63 (depends on what you select)

It is a pet-thematic French desert house, and surely you’ll enjoy the cake with your baby dogs here. The shop keepers have four beautiful and friendly dogs. So it might be a good choice to spend time relaxing with your little buddies here.


Address: 68-1 North Xiangyang Road
Hours: 10:00am-8:00pm
Tel: 15721551597
Average Price: RMB38(depends on what you select)

COFFEE OR TEA is a laid back, funky little FFC spot to bring your furry friend. It’s especially great when the weather is good since they have a cozy little outdoor courtyard. There are plenty of treats for the doggies but treats for owners as well, this spot partners with Strictly Cookies, so don’t forget to get a few of those during your visit!


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