Chenshan Botanical Park Shanghai for Kids

Chenshan Botanical Park is pretty good.

It’s not one of our favourite parks in Shanghai that honour currently falls to Binjiang Forest Park, but it’s OK.

Chenshan Botanical Garden is good for:

  • Quiet — hardly any people, even on a weekend
  • Nearby — in Songjiang (see below)
  • Cave — kind of … the cave takes only a few mins to walk through, but it’s something different for kids

Getting there:

You should know that the park is in Songjiang.

The official address or district or whatever might not be, so the GPS directions (on several different GPS’s) gave annoying directions through the poorly-planned criss-cross of Songjiang.

There are two easy ways to get there: (1) From the G50 and then off to the S224, AKA Jiasong Rd, and then onto Shenzhuan Highway, or (2) From the G60 and exit to Songjiang New City, then use the Jiasong Rd all the way to Shenzhuan, without following the GPS optimal-but-stupid distancing.

Entrance costs ¥50 for adults and kids over 1.3m.




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