Pics – Century Park, Best Parks for Kids in Shanghai

Go and see here for the best parks for kids in Shanghai.

Here are lots of photos of Century Park.

The official address is ‘Shi Ji Gong Yuan’, 409 Huamu Rd, but to get to the main entrance just go to Jinxiu Rd near the cross road of Jinxiu Rd and Jinsong Rd, then head down the path left to the electric boats.

Opens 7am-5pm, aside for special events.

It costs ¥10 per adult to get in.

You can rent the cycle-carts for ¥40, and the highlight is the electric boats, for ¥80-100 depending on size.

To get to the electric boats, simply go off to the left path when you go in, and they are in the ‘left’ or South-Eastern point of the park.

There isn’t an ATM around, but the ‘amusement rides’ like bumper cars, as well as toys and snacks can all be paid for with WeChat.

There isn’t any real ‘food’ inside so you would need to take a picnic in to eat well.

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