Freesoul Kindergarten Shanghai


Jinqiao, Pudong

1988 Yunshan Rd (near Mingyue Rd), Pudong


The Freesoul Kindergarten of Pudong is the sister school of Italian Children’s House established in 1907 which is always regarded as the most successful and respectable infant school by the international educational community. The campus is authorized by the Opera Nazionale Montessori of Italy.

Freesoul Kindergarten is committed to providing your child with a way of learning in our international environment, which encourages their natural curiosity. Freesoul focuses on a child-oriented progressive Montessori approach.

We emphasize cultivating kids’ awareness, respect for their natural psychological development as well as arousing their desire to describe the world through their eyes. Freesoul does not only give children the opportunity to put textbook knowledge to practice but also a way of life.

Freesoul designs its course for the children aged from 2.5 to 6 years. We do not offer regular classes but Montessori courses where children learn by themselves and master the basic skills in daily activities. Everything happens naturally in the bi-lingual environment.


IC (18-36months) half-day 10,000RMB/M, IC/ Casa (casa for children from 3 to 6) full day 15,000RMB/M

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