Networking in Shanghai that actually works

You’re a working parent in Shanghai, and you’d like to meet talented and nice people, but don’t want to pay an ‘entrance fee’ into a networking event where you may have the same 5 minute conversation 10 times.

Brandon Owens had the same thought process in 2014. He bitched about it with fellow beer-lover Momo Estrella for a while, until one conversation at Kaiba when they realised that they could solve these problems.

After a mental hop, skip and jump, they came to the name Beertelligence, setting up to solidify the joke, and kept on going.

What they did is:

(1) Get together like-minded people and set up a strictly admin’d WeChat Group which rapidly got to 500 people

(2) Arrange events for only 15 people to join, once every three weeks, in a friendly pub environment

(3) Have an introduction of each person at the start, with what they can help with, and what they are looking for

This discourages power-networkers, salespeople, those wanting to have language exchange or just a good rogering, and so on. Visit their site above to learn more.


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