Enjoy a Summer Veggie Treat from Times Grocery夏日精选素食盛宴 就在泰晤士杂货

Times Grocery are offering some wonderful discounts during the summer season. Enjoy a 15% discount on all orders until September 10th

Furthermore, receive a free 100 rmb vegetable basket with your first order. Allowing your family to eat well and healthily at an affordable price.

Times Grocery pride themselves upon their imported grocery delivery; therefore, it is easier for them to regularly offer significant savings, and value for the whole family!

At Times Grocery, their priority is providing the highest-quality imported grocery products, at the best prices in Shanghai. If you see a product they sell at a lower price elsewhere and they will match the difference!  

Long-term shoppers feel that their wide selection of internationally exported products at low prices is the significant reason for shopping at their multiple Shanghai stores and furthermore they have a family friendly and a selection which is hard to rival at other stores. 

Their vast selection is available and categorised online, at their website store and if there are any particular products you crave that are not available please contact their customer service and they will customise and tailor their offerings to you. 


Email: service@timesgrocery.cn

Tel: 021-66080572


JinFeng Shop


Lane 569, YunLe Rd No.1, Unit 137, Shanghai 


Tel: 021-64020157

HuangYang Shop

No.57 HuangYang Rd, Pudong Shanghai  


Tel: 021-58385609

TianJin Shop

S-018, Royal Palace, Second Avenue, TianJin 


Tel: 021-6402015

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