Learn about Science but through the experiments you were never allowed to try!

The Physics Show (Chinese Performance)

If your child’s Chinese is most probably better than yours – why not have him/her translate and have a learning experience where the shoe is upon the other foot.

This performance encourages children 4 and above to ask questions about science, like: What damage can a ping pong ball do as it hurtles at 700 miles an hour through a vacuum tube? Can you see the shape of sound in a dancing flame? 

 OH NO! That bowling ball is going to smash him in the face…but it didn’t!

Lifetime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo brings his scientific “magic” from the world of physics to the off-Broadway stage in THAT PHYSICS SHOW!

Based on the hundreds of physics experiments that are presented at physics conferences and in classrooms across the country, THAT PHYSICS SHOW features segments on motion, momentum, vacuum, friction, energy, density, fluid motion, sound waves and sound vibration, light waves, temperature and much more from our incredible world: a world controlled by physics. 

The show will be coming to ET Space in Shanghai. From Sat 12th- Sun 13th October and you can buy your tickets now. Who knows this show could be the catalyst for your child to be the next Thomas Edison.


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433 Yanan Dong Lu, near Xizang Lu
延安东路433号, 近西藏路