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What is the Daventures Race?


Created by APAX RECREATION, which has also created the Discovery Adventures Park and other notable partnerships; Daventures Race will bring you the ultimate outdoor fun experience beginning on May 31st to June 2nd in Moganshan, Zhejiang province. Spend your holiday with outdoor adventure, markets, and a music concert, all within the beautiful environment of Moganshan.

Daventures represents D (Dynamic) and aventures (Adventures). It is celebration of outdoor sports and adventurous spirits. It encourages both amateur sports lovers from all backgrounds as well as professional athletes from all ages to discover the fun of nature.

The perfect get-away – 2.5 hour drive from Shanghai

Daventures Race will take place in Discovery Adventures Park Moganshan located in Deqing, Zhejiang. The Park is located inside the Joe Lalli Resort, with 2.5 hour drive or 1.5 hours by high-speed train from Shanghai. Having the experience of holding a number of major events, the Discovery Adventures Park Moganshan is equipped with 20,000m² grassland, world-level outdoor facilities and professional outdoor coaches to ensure your safety during the event.

Trail Running, Rock Climbing, Mud Run, Puppy Sports, and more!

Daventures Race is an outdoor sports festival with all kinds of sports with more than sports alone. There will be competitions held for Trail Running, Speed Climbing, Puppy Sports, Parent-Child Mud Run, as well as Mountain Biking, Slack-line, Yoga, Horse Riding, Camping and a Challenge Course provided by Discovery Adventures Park Moganshan. There is also a Weekend Market and Concert.

Whether you’re an aspiring pro competitor or simply a spectator along for the ride, the event will have something for you, including an on-site bazaar with an array of goodies, including fashionable fitness wear & delectable local delicacies. There’ll be live music each evening to keep the summertime vibe going, so join us & make the most of a weekend escape from the Shanghai hustle.

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Award yourself with a BREITLING watch!

The champions in the man/woman 30km Trail Run will be awarded with a BREITLING watch and cash prizes! Stay tuned for more details!

Dog-friendly hotel options

Daventures Race hotel partners have prepared dog-friendly rooms for you. Here are four suggested hotels, two of which are dog-friendly.

Joe Lalli Narada Resort

Novotel Deqing

Landison Joykie Resort Moganshan

Treasure Island Resort Deqing

Hotline: 4009005177
For more details please follow the official Wechat account: DaventuresRace
Email: daventuresrace@apaxrecreation.com