Indoor Play Areas and Indoor Fun in Shanghai

Indoor play areas, activities for older kids, sports for teens and fun for all the family in Shanghai.

Shanghai’s environment means that sometimes we need to escape indoors. A hot Summer, cold Winter and polluted times mean that indoor play areas and activities are a good option to have.

Little Bugz

kids play area shanghai

There are two venues, one in Xuhui and one in Jing’an. Little Bugz was started by a Singaporean Mother of two. The air is filtered and there are drinks and snacks as well as seating areas for parents.

Kids ages 2 to 7 will love Little Bugz. Entrance is RMB 150 per child for unlimited play. They sell 10 entries at RMB 1,080.

265 Jianguo Xi Lu, Xuhui
667 Changhua Lu, Jing’an
E Cube Club

indoor play area e cube club

There are several branches of E Cube Club around the city. They are all great fun for kids ages 2 to 7 or 8.

In Changning at The Place, E Cube is themed with My Little Pony, Transformers, Play’Doh and Nerf.

In Jing’an (almost approaching Putuo), it’s a wide open space with lots to do, such as little cars and moving animal toys to ride on.

In Hongqiao at The Hub, it’s a large space with a variety of climbing and playing. Entrance is around 120 RMB per time if you buy 10 entrances at once. E Cubes are all in malls which have lots of food options.

Level 3, The Place, 100 Zunyi Lu, Changning
Level 2, Yueda Mall, 889 Yuyao Lu (near Changning Lu), Jing’an

NBA Playzone

play area with restaurant

A little pricey at over 200 RMB per child, this play area will please kids up to around 9 or 10, so it’s a little more versatile, and of coure any kids that love basketball will love it. They sell snacks inside, but the Hubindao Mall has excellent food in the basement floor areas.

Level 2, Hubindao Mall, 150 Hubin Lu, Luwan

One Hour Fun

kids play area shanghai

This is a much smaller play area, but useful if you are on or near Huaihai Rd. It’s in Times Square (near K11), costs 100 RMB and is suitable for ages 2 to 5. You get one free fresh fruit juice and can play for as long as you like, despite the name.

Level 5, Times Square, Huahai Lu, Luwan


There is a Lollipop play area in The Place, but to be completely honest we much prefer the E Cube Club which is next to it, as it’s more open and spacious.

Tom’s World

Tom’s World is worth a try, though it is filled with deafening little arcade games and electronic attractions, so will test the patience of any parent.
There are several all over Shanghai, with the best being in Superbrand Mall in Lujiazui and The Place on Zunyi Lu. They are locally popular so get busy on holiday times, be warned.


A relatively recent addition to Shanghai, these are good climbing places for ages 7 to around 10. It costs from 150 RMB per child, and they climb all the way around (harnessed at all times) takes about 15 minutes or so. They can go round again to get your money’s worth, while you wouldn’t really want to keep going back there to do the same thing next time.

But it’s good fun for the age group as a nice addition to a mall trip.

The Place, 100 Zunyi Lu, Changning
Arch Walk Mall, Maotai Lu, Changning

Kerry Adventure Zone

indoor kids play area shanghai

This is a nice play area, but the costs are prohibitive. You can also gain one time entry by eating at The Meat in Kerry Pudong Hotel. The first area is good for ages 3 to 7, with the big area for ages 8 to around 13. It can get very busy with over-priveleged, loud kids on the weekend.

They do hold a range of good value kids parties.

Level 3, Kerry Hotel Pudong

Shanghai Town & Country Club Adventure Zone

indoor play area

To play here, you usually need to be a member, or have a friend that’s a member, so check their website for membership deals. The play area is the biggest around, over three floors and good for ages 2 to about 13.

STCC calls itself an ‘edutainment’ centre for families – member only. So they run lots of activities for both parents and kids, mainly on the weekend and big parties at seasonal times.

46 Luding Lu, Changning


kids birthday party shanghai

An enormous trampoline zone good for ages 5 to adults. It’s further out of the city centre, but it’s a truly huge place, good for all the family to jump around, as well as having dodgeball, climbing and many other special fun zones.
They also do kids birthday and kids party planning and deals.

1408 Jidi Lu (behind the BYD car dealership)

Wells Jumping

indoor play area shanghai

Wells Jumping mixes party areas with trampolining. It’s useful if you live nearer Minhang, otherwise Jump360 is usually the preferred option.

Wells Jumping is on the third floor of the Star Mall Walking Street. It has a cafe inside (so is a restaurant with a play area inside in some senses) serving pasta and chips/friends and such.

Address: Level 3, 1532 Caobao Lu, South Xuhui

Duoledo Trampoline

Another trampolining warehouse type of arrangement, this time in Baoshan at the North. So if you have a spare day and can get to Baoshan easily (it can take one hour from Xuhui or the West of the city), then it’s worth a try. Prices are from 90 RMB per person up to 170.

Dole Island Trampoline Shanghai
65 Yingao Rd, near Yixian Rd, Baoshan.

Big E

shanghai with kids

This place has been around for a long time, but has very mixed reviews. You may want to have a visit first if you are considering this place for either a particular kids’ party, or an extended weekend visit.

Address: B2 of World Plaza, Pudong South Rd, near Lujiazui

Lego Land

lego shanghai

Gets very busy on public holidays, but otherwise it’s a nice visit. Not very big, but worth a try. As you can imagine, there are plenty of places for kids to build all themes and types of Lego possible. It’s good for ages 3 upwards, as we all love to play a bit of Lego.

Tickets start from 150 RMB, cheaper if you combine them with a pass to Madame Tussauds and Changfeng Ocean Aquarium.

Changfeng Ocean Park

A small but decent visit. Though not big, kids will always love an aquarium. The highlight of this one is the huge glass walls wherein you can gawp at lots of sea creatures. After the main aquarium, you walk along to the Beluga whale show, hoping to be lucky enough to be picked to touch the whales too. Just raise your hand and make your best cheesy white grin. Entrance starts at 80 RMB.

As with all such places – don’t go on public holidays, try to find an off day to visit.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Basically as above, but without the Beluga show. Not that great, but right in Lujiazui and guaranteed to please small ones. Entrance is a little more expensive than Changfeng Aquarium. Combine it with a trip to the nearby Superbrand Mall for Tom’s World – just not on public holidays!

Disc Karting

kids go karting shanghai

Good for ages 8 upwards, and adults – so don’t go in the evening with kids. But, they do have kids’ sized karts, so it’s good for free weekdays or weekend mornings, and great for teenagers activity in Shanghai.

Sega Joypolis World

kids arcade

This is in Global Harbor mall, the huge mall at 3300 North Zhongshan Rd near Jinshajiang Rd.

An arcade world by Sega – so it’s good for ages 7 and up for hours of screaming eletronic arcade play. As well as everything virtual and 3D, there are also bumper cars, a Haunted House, and more.

StarCore VR Park

Good for over 30 minutes and for ages 10 and up (good for fun for teenagers in Shanghai), and costing around 100 RMB each, you can try several different VR experiences here. Not good for younger kids.

Address: 457 Jumen Rd

All Star Ice Skating

kids ice skating

All Star Skating club used to be called Century Skating. It’s basically the same – a very professional ice skating rink in Shanghai, in a basement floor of the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Prices range from 60-80 RMB.

It’s great for kids ages 6 and up, and you can pay around 150 RMB per lesson for a set of 10 professional ice skating lessons. Contact for details.

Indoor Climbing in Shanghai – Shanghai Stadium Rock Climbing

kids shanghai climbing older kids

This is a preferred option as the prices start at 50 RMB, the place is big, and the staff will help out beginners with lots of tips and support.

Entrance 6, Shanghai Stadium, 666 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu, Xuhui